About Happy Planet

Who Are We??

We are 4 experienced event organisers working in the industry for over 10 years. We all have a deep passion for the environment and have teamed up to bring you Happy Planet Festival. We aim to bring you the best food from around the world, alongside fantastic cultural entertainment and stalls selling sustainable items and clothing to help foster a nurturing environment towards our planet.

What Is The Festival All About?

We hope that the name says it all. We want to create a festival that encourages individuals to take more responsibility towards looking after our planet. We have a heavy emphasis on sustainability and our stalls and food stands will be reflecting this. We want this to be a hugely positive experience and are focusing our energies also into providing a cultural experience which will run through our stall offerings and our entertainment. So come and enjoy the weekends entertainment and shop and eat whilst being environmentally conscious.

How Will Happy Planet Care For The Planet?

Its no surprise that running a festival uses a lot of energy and creates a lot of waste. We aim to deal with this in the following ways:-

Waste - we are asking all our traders to be conscious of waste and to where possible provide biodegradable packaging. We ask all our festival goers to be mindful of waste, bring reusable cups and take any waste home to be recycled where possible. We will be providing bins and using a waste management system that will aim to recycle as much waste as possible.

Energy Use - We aim to use as little in the way of generators than we have to and will be calculating our carbon footprint and offsetting it by developing a tree planting scheme going forward.

Transport- We have chosen sites with good links to public transport and ask people to please consider the best way for them to attend our festival. Car sharing is a great option if public transport is not feasible. We are transporting our festival equipment in the least amount of vehicles possible. We have chosen local suppliers where possible to cut down on their travel.

Travel - As organisers we live 100+ miles apart. We avoid face to face meetings opting for video conferencing to cut down the need for travel. We operate remotely using laptops meaning the world is our office!

Other - We aim to have several environmentalists give talks throughout the day to spread positive messages how we can help the planet on a personal level. All our food will be vegetarian and vegan which is one of the best ways to fight climate change. We encourage all our stall holders to use local produce where possible and to stock locally sourced goods, cutting down on further transport costs. We are inviting local charities to promote themselves and their good work, giving back to the community as a positive gesture.

Tickets - will be just £4 and free for u12’s Available to order on our site or purchase on the gate.

Who Can I Speak To?

You can message us via the Facebook group, Instagram or Website or see below:-

Stall holder enquiries - sarah@happyplanetfestival.co.uk

Entertainment - adam@happyplanetfestival.co.uk

Sponsorship - jackie@happyplanetfestival.co.uk

Site & Legal issues - daniel@happyplanetfestival.co.uk