Music & Comedy

We will have a selection of fantastic bands and musical artists through out the day on our main stage.

Enjoy your favourite songs while enjoying a relaxing beer in the sun.

We will also have some hilarious comedy for  you on stage.


We will have several mini talks throughout the day aimed at the positive side of what we can do to help the planet.

No doom and gloom here!

Also, dont forget to check out the list below of amazing eco-parenting talks provided by Chilled Mama in her beautiful bell tent.  No booking required. (subject to change)

Dance And Arts

The festival will be opened by Milton Keynes own Buddhist monks.  This wil be followed by a relaxing Yoga session from the main stage.

We will have some fantastic dance performances through out the day from local dance studios.

Work shops will be held on the stage to have the crowd dancing along and having fun.

Parenting For the Planet

Food Stalls And Crafts

At Happy Planet, we have sourced you the very best plant based food around.  We have everything from tofish to vegan curried goat, fat burgers, vegan breakfasts, churros, ice cream, fresh coconut, toasties, fresh curries, thai food, southern fried...and donuts and cakes...OMG its literally food heaven!!!

We have also created you an eco friendly shopping village, everything you might want in one place! We have all sorts of products and services available....we have coconut kitchen ware, sustainable clothing, upcycled gifts, bath products, skin care, sanitary wear, washable nappies, crystals, tarot readings, reiki healing, massage,  beautiful wood carved items, holidays in a box...all sorts of eco friendly products to help you move towards a more eco friendly way of life.

Tree Planting

At the Happy Planet, we understand that as with anything else we also have a carbon footprint.

We will be calulating what our festivals carbon footprint is, and offsetting this by raising money and contributing to a tree planting charity.

We will be donating money from our ticket sales towards planting trees, as well as collecting money on the day.